Bransha Gautier

The Golden Year of Awakening

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What's this item about? What makes it interesting? Write a catchy description to grab your audience's attentioWe wish you all a golden year of awakening, presence & inner transformation! Surrender your ego and be free in the Year of the Roostern...

Magical Mind TV | Teaser

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Magical Mind TV is a brand new, unique TV Channel where Art meets Spirituality.  With uplifting news & views Magical Mind TV Is for your evolution! Join us on the journey of co-creating better world by discovering the ability to see the divine within us all. For more information please go to:


Gogyoshi Art Project: My Fukushima

The Gogyoshi is a Japanese form of poetry invented by Taro Aizu, the famous Japanese poet who also writes Haiku and Haibun. All three types of his poetry can be seen in this video designed by Bransha Gautier within IN MEDIAS RES Association.

World Through My Eyes

How thankful we are that there are people like George RedHawk. This amazing guy turned his loss into a gift! . What It could have been the end of the world for anybody, for George, this was the beginning of a new life. Watch George's incredible story here. It will motivate you never to give up!

Behind Art

ntro for AT Seminar by Bransha Gautier at World Festival of Arts for Peace, Ubá - Brazil 2013!

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